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At Southeastern Tree Surgeons LLC, we pride ourselves in being able to handle tree removal jobs that others walk away from.
Whether it’s vista pruning, maintenance pruning, crown cleaning, crown reduction or building clearance, our tree pruning will keep your trees and your property in top shape.
We offer complete stump grinding down to 3 feet, filling with topsoil, and installing sod in those areas where the stump was ground.

Tree Removal Services in Chapel Hill NC

Welcome to Southeastern Tree Surgeons, Chapel Hill’s most trusted tree removal professionals working throughout North Carolina area.

When hazardous trees threaten your home or property, you need a reliable tree removal company that can safely and efficiently remove dangerous trees while protecting your landscape.

With over 25 years of experience, our Chapel Hill tree removal pros have the skills and equipment to handle any tree removal and tree pruning job. We offer tree cutting, tree trimming, stump grinding, emergency storm damage removal, and more. Our goal is to provide exceptional tree service in Chapel Hill, Durham and beyond while keeping your property safe and aesthetically beautiful.

-Daniel, Southeastern Tree Surgeon

Safety First

We believe in safety first on every job we do.

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Why Choose Southeastern For Your Chapel Hill Tree Service?

Southeastern Tree Surgeons is the top choice for residential and commercial tree removal and tree pruning in Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary and the surrounding areas. Here are some of the key reasons homeowners and property managers select us as their trusted tree service provider:

Unmatched Safety Record

Our locally owned company has an unmatched safety record owing to our rigorous training protocols and standards. Safety is always the number one priority for our staff and homeowners. Our skilled climbers use advanced rigging techniques and professional-grade equipment to remove trees with precision. We take extra precautions, such as using drop cloths, barricades, and warning signs, to protect your home from damage during the tree removal process. With over a decade and a half of local experience, our crews have specialized expertise in safely dismantling trees of all sizes in complicated settings. You can trust our team to get the job done right the first time, safely.

Complete Tree Removal Services

We offer comprehensive tree removal services in Durham, handling every step of the process ourselves from start to finish. Many companies only deal with part of the tree removal process, such as just the cutting or just the stump grinding. However, we are fully equipped to manage the entire job at your property. Our arborists will conduct a detailed site inspection and provide a complete customized plan. Our team then expertly handles all trimming, pruning, rigging, cutting, stump grinding, and debris removal. We see every project through completely so you do not have to coordinate different contractors.

Full-Service Tree Pruning and Stump Grinding

In addition to tree removal, Southeastern Tree Surgeons provides professional tree pruning and stump grinding in Durham, Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas. We perform precision tree pruning including crown thinning, reduction pruning, elevation pruning, and more. Proper pruning enhances the health, safety, and aesthetics of your trees. Our arborists know the exact techniques for maximizing growth or minimizing risk through targeted pruning. We also offer complete stump grinding services after removing trees. Our powerful industrial stump grinders can remove stumps of any size entirely down to depths of 18 inches or more. The grindings can also be used as beneficial mulch. Our comprehensive tree pruning and stump grinding services go beyond the basics to give your property true arbor care excellence.

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing is very affordable compared to other Chapel Hill tree services. As a local company, we can offer budget-friendly pricing since we do not have the overhead of large national chains and franchises. We provide free estimates to all customers and won’t hit you with any hidden fees down the road. Our rates are all-inclusive so there are no surprise add-ons. We know how costly full tree pruning and tree removal can be, so our prices are designed to save you money without sacrificing quality workmanship.

Full Insurance Coverage

We are a fully licensed and insured tree service, giving you complete protection. Our insurance includes general liability to cover your property, vehicles, house, or other assets. We also carry workers compensation to protect our crew in the event of an accident. You can hire Southeastern Tree Surgeons with confidence knowing your assets and property are fully covered.

Professional Crews and Equipment

Our professional and courteous tree service crews utilize the best industry gear and equipment operated by highly trained arborists. We use only the top-of-the-line gear such as cranes, climbers, chainsaws, rigging kits, safety harnesses, ropes, winches, and more. We have all the manpower, tools, and expertise available for tree removal jobs of any size and complexity in Chapel Hill, Durham, Mebane, and the surrounding areas.

Why Homeowners Choose Tree Removal in Chapel Hill, NC

Hazardous Trees

Dead, damaged, or diseased trees located near a home or power lines pose serious safety risks. They may have structural faults, decay, or insect infestations that make them prone to falling. Trees leaning close to the house also present dangers. Whether in Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, or the surrounding areas, removing hazardous trees is the safest option before they cause damage.

Reduce Root Damage

Invasive tree roots on your North Carolina property can result in expensive issues like cracked driveways, broken underground pipes, and damaged home foundations. Removing problem trees eliminates root damage.

Improving Curb Appeal With Tree Removal

Removing unattractive, asymmetrical, or undesirable trees can instantly boost curb appeal. Strategic tree removal improves aesthetics.

Preparing For Construction or Landscaping

Many NC homeowners planning additions, renovations, or other construction projects may need to remove trees first to clear adequate space. Taking out trees allows homeowners to install new gardens, patios, extensions, lawns, or other improvements. Tree removal enables new designs and is often part of site preparation before property development.

Overgrown Trees – Durham, NC

Trees that become overgrown and unruly for a small property require removal. Dense trees blocking sunlight into rooms also cause issues. For extensively overgrown trees, tree removal is the best solution to improving natural lighting.

Storm Protection

Trees weakened by past storms, disease, or pests are prone to falling over in high winds. Removing these vulnerable trees before the next storm hits prevents expensive damage.

NC Areas We Service With Expert Tree Services:

We regularly provide tree services to all of the surrounding areas of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, including:

Chapel Hill
Siler City

Why Select Us As Your North Carolina Tree Pros?

When evaluating tree removal companies, you want assurance of responsible work practices, skilled staff, and affordable prices. That is what sets Southeastern Tree Surgeons apart as the premier option for tree pruning and removal in the Chapel Hill area: 

  • Locally owned and operated right here in Chapel Hill, we are dedicated to benefitting our community. Our owners grew up in the Durham area.
  • With our wide range of equipment and personnel, we can handle residential and commercial tree removal projects of any size and scale. No job is too large or small for Southeastern Tree Surgeons.
  • With our expertise and equipment, we can handle residential and commercial tree pruning projects of any size and scale. Our arborists perform natural targeting pruning and fully equipped and licensed for all tree pruning, from light trimming to major crown reductions.
  • Our staff has decades of cumulative tree service experience specific to Durham’s soil, climate, tree species, and safety protocols. You can trust our competent professionals.
  • We maintain an excellent safety record through rigorous training standards that exceed industry guidelines. Safety drives our work.
  • Communication and responsiveness is a cornerstone of our business. We want you fully informed and satisfied at every step.
  • We service Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Mebane, Elon and all surrounding regions. Call us for tree removal anywhere in the greater Durham area.
  • Our fair pricing beats competitor bids through operational efficiencies. We offer the best value without cutting corners.
  • As a licensed and insured company, Southeastern Tree Surgeons meets all local requirements and has your property fully covered.
  • Our A+ Better Business Bureau rating and 5-star online reputation reflect our customer service. With our expertise and equipment, we can handle residential and commercial tree pruning projects of any size and scale. Our arborists perform precision pruning, from light trimming to major crown reductions. 
Contact Southeastern Tree Surgeons at (919) 355-9664 for affordable tree service from Chapel Hill’s best tree service company.

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